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From Overwhelmed to Aliveness

The speed of our lives often leads us to miss out on Life ...

Starting the day with a necessary cup of caffeine and collapsing exhausted on the couch at the end of each day [with a glass of wine, perhaps?]. Working through a never-ending to-do list, juggling all those relentless balls of life in the air and the next day: "rinse and repeat".

Because that's what we do, right?!?!

Being a good leader, a good mama, a good employee, a good partner, a good sister, a good daughter, a good friend, a good citizen, a good [fill in the blank] ...

A reality for many of us women, at a high cost: our health, our well-being, our relationship with ourselves and others.

We completely feel you here. We have been here too. Too. Many. Times. 

We found a different way. 

A healing journey is individual and never linear. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill. However, there are key skills that help to walk this journey with resilience and grace.

Empower yourself!

These resources lead to increased clarity, a longer fuse and positively impact your well-being, peace, and joy:

  • Mindfulness skills
  • Play & nurturing your inner child, and
  • Tools to interrupt stress cycles

Here’s where Mindful Creations comes in

Words used by women to describe their experience with Mindful Creations

Freedom ~ Love ~ Connection ~ Hope ~ Friendship ~ Peace ~ Uplifting ~ Balance ~ Powerful ~ Calm ~ Playful ~ Nurturing ~ Freeing ~ Magic

Every retreat you are guided through a nourishing healing experience leaving your Soul inspired by the beauty you created and the resources you activated and anchored, long after the paint on your canvas has dried ...

"Ina and Donna have created a uniquely mindful experience that encourages your inner artist to emerge. While listening to the meditation and practices I felt present with the part of me that is tapped into the frequency of love and possibility. This was a welcome break and opportunity to reconnect with my inner resourcefulness."
Lisa Burchartz, Leadership Coach, Emotional Wellness Facilitator and mum of 2 exceptionally spirited, totally lovable teenagers

Self-Care is a Conscious Daily Choice

We have been conditioned to see self-care as selfish.

We were all wrong.

A journey from "human doing to becoming a human being".

A shift from survival to thriving.

A commitment to your well-being, your emotional and mental health, your body.

Guilt is a conditioned response.

Mindful Creations is borne out of a calling from Ina and Donna, to join their respective superpowers Mindfulness / Hypnotherapy and Creative Expression to create a ripple effect of empowerment, joy, and peace. 
The truth is:

When we thrive, we give permission for everyone around us to thrive.

Besides a powerful and relaxing mind-body experience, you will walk away with:
  • Inner clarity and intuitive awareness

    Tuning into your intuition and inner wisdom empowers you with the gift of clarity into what nourishes and delights your heart. It is your most powerful guide to live your unique path of life.

  • Feeling confident in your body

    When we consciously connect ourselves with our heart's deepest desires, it increases confidence and motivation to prioritize self-care and make supportive and nourishing choices for ourselves.

  • Tools to regulate emotions and feel centred

    Activating and anchoring inner resources and the ability to tune into your inner place of Peace and Joy are powerful pathways to building resilience which is an essential skill in facing life's curveballs and messiness

  • Celebrating you and who you have become

    Tuning into self-acceptance and embracing self-compassion is powerful medicine for the Soul. Remember your radiance and celebrate who you are and who you are becoming.

  • Restoring self-care as a priority to thrive

    Self-care is not a luxury, it is essential in order to show up in your life as your best self. You cannot give with an empty battery. You can only be fully present to others if you give yourself the space to restore, to heal and to rest.

  • Creating a ripple effect: it only takes You!

    The skills you learn in our retreats and the resources you anchor, can be used anywhere creating a ripple effect of growth in all areas of your life. In addition, by you showing up as your best self, you inspire everyone around you to do the same, creating a ripple effect of well-being in your tribe.

"When I started my painting, I was feeling depressed and struggling with self-worth. As I watched the video and connected with Ina & Donna, I didn't feel judged or a failure. They were like a hot cup of chicken noodle soup for my Soul....I felt like I was surrounded by love, light, and good company of friends or family, a warm blanket, or just a warm hug. Thank you!
Dianna Allison, Bus Driver & Artist in Hiding, fun-loving friend and life-partner

So many of us are yearning for a deeper sense of connection and intimacy, instead of being tossed around on life's roller coaster with all its highs and lows. 

Mindful Creations invites you to play while learning skills and tools designed to activate and anchor your inner Calm, Peace, and Joy to create a ripple effect into your everyday world.

Why Mindful Creations?

Creativity/play + mindfulness combo is a perfect match

You learn faster and your learning sticks! 

There is plenty of research backing up the positive impact of play-based learning on the level of integration and internalization of knowledge.

Who said playing is only limited to children?

When did we lose the art of playing?

Our retreats are carefully crafted combining elements of coaching, mindfulness, creative expression, and energy healing to not only provide you with a great experience but to allow activating and anchoring of inner resources.

Neuroscience shows that having a great experience is not the same as deeply receiving that same great experience into your heart.

What does this mean? 

It takes skill and an embodied experience to let in the goodness and allowing feelings like joy, calm, and peace to sink in.

A creative outlet offers a powerful and natural gateway to move in a meditative state of presence - without the need to practice sitting on a pillow in stillness.

Many on the spiritual path practice "intellectual spirituality", and wonder why it is not leading to the shifts they are longing for.

They live in their head.

Moving into one's heart through a full mind-body experience opens the door to embodied spirituality.

Mindful Creations offers actionable strategies to shift from head to heart and an embodied experience, which is key in building resilience and anchoring resources that truly make the difference in our well-being and our relationships.

Presence allows you to open your heart and your ability to listen to your intuition and receive its guidance.

 “After a vulnerable experience, this was a perfect opportunity to re-align my chakras through meditation and painting. The meditation helped to sort through the feelings, then allowing creativity to take me through a journey... freeing me ... exploring... finding peace … Not only was the painting beautiful and intimate, it was a very calming experience and an accomplishment!”
Lynelle Forscutt, community builder, yoga and travel lover, cancer survivor, and loving mama of a beautiful girl 

After Ina's first career in international project management, a health crisis revealed the impact and cost of decades of chronic mind-body stress. This crisis became the catalyst for Ina’s healing journey to full recovery and it gave birth to her new career path as a Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist and Somatic Coherence Coach. Ina is passionate about empowering her clients with tools to tap into their body’s innate healing intelligence and to live a meaningful and joy-filled life in alignment with their purpose without sacrificing their emotional and physical well-being. To shift from surviving to thriving. Besides her love for service, Ina is a single mama of two young boys and two rescue dogs, who all remind her every single day of what it means to be present in every beautiful, loving, painful, challenging, and precious moment in life. She’s also a SheEO activator and a volunteer in her community. If you would like to find out more about Ina’s work, visit www.inabackbier.com. email: ina@inabackbier.com

Ina Backbier

SOMATIC COHERENCE COACH Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist

Donna is a creative coach whose career was born out of the many challenges that she faced throughout her life and art’s healing role in her recovery: Painting, pottery, writing, drawing and charcoal. Life brought her on her knees when she broke her back and became wheelchair bound for 3 years while raising 3 children. Painting and art were key factors in Donna’s healing journey finding her way back to meaning and joy. Recovering from years of depression became the catalyst for Donna’s transformation, giving fuel to her burning desire to share the healing power of the creative process with others. Now she is building community, fostering meaningful connections while coaching groups through easy-to-follow paintings making art accessible and fun for everyone. Adults long to play too! During the pandemic, Donna has pivoted her business, www.brushesandcocktails.com, to condos and high-end rentals where party rooms are available to build communities with their residents as well as, for people for live events for organizations, groups, and corporations for team building. She is also a She-EO activator.

Donna Y

Creative Coach